Castello Chiola

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Castello Chiola is pleased to welcome you in its comfortable and sophisticated atmosphere. The rooms are situated on three floors and they are extremely meticulous in detail and all different from each other but still conserving the same style and furniture. The best expression of comfort and elegance is made up of two suites, a presidential and a family, both of 100 square meters, accompanied...
In the thirteenth century, the Cellar was the place where travelers could restore. In these cellars it was allowed to serve wine, fruit and sometimes bread. A “poor” place where lords, pilgrims, cops and robbers could find refreshment and restore during their journey. Like the old Inn, the “Celliere”, housed in the basement of the Castle, provides the best of the culinary...
Celebrating a wedding in Castello Chiola is like living a dream. The dream of the perfect event, well organized and managed in a brilliant and unique way. Nothing is left to chance, the wedding couple is fully involved in decisions; the attention for details is absolute, in fact it is accepted to celebrate only one event a day. There is a real director of the event with well marked time schedule,...


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